Geology of North Africa and Arabia
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Project Work

Project Work

Medium term consulting projects include regional evaluations and proprietary fieldwork. Projects may be based in North Africa / Arabia or also outside the region.

Regional Evaluations

Regional evaluations are done on a province, basin or subbasin-scale. The projects may be based entirely on published information ("reviews") or may also include proprietary information supplied by the customer. The project may be carried out in the customer's office, my Bremen office or as a combination.
Suitable projects may include (1) distribution of source, reservoir and seal facies; (2) geodynamic history as controlling mechansims for structuration and facies and thickness distribution; (3) studies of basin prospectivity integrating information on all play elements.

Proprietary Fieldwork

Proprietary fieldwork may be carried out covering aspects of sedimentology, biostratigraphy, geochemical sampling, sequence stratigraphy, tectonics and others. If required, a full logistics package for the fieldwork can be arranged. Fieldwork will follow strict HSE guidelines as set out by the customer. Results of the field study are to be presented in a report, presentation and/or field excursion.



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