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Field Excursions

Field Excursions

Several field excursions are offered, both in North Africa and Arabia and in Europe. The excursions are suitable for both professional and junior geologists.

Fieldtrip: The Palaeozoic of the western margin of the Murzuq Basin (SW Libya)

This fieldcourse leads to the Ghat area and explores the Palaeozoic from Cambrian to Carboniferous. Outcrops are located both in Wadi Tanezzuft and the spectacular Akakus Mountains. The Ghat area is particularly suitable to get a good overview of the geology of the Murzuq Basin. All major play elements will be discussed. Duration: 4 days in the field, 1-2 days travel from/to Tripoli. Course may run in winter season October to April.

Fieldtrip: Geology of Morocco

The geology of Morocco is an ideal analogue for the whole North African geological province. The trip gives an overview of all major geological events relevant for the region: Pan-African orogeny, Infracambrian stromatoitic source rocks, Ordovician glacial facies, Silurian organic-rich graptolitic shales, Devonian shelfal carbonates, Permo-Triassic redbeds (post-Hercynian), Jurassic reefs, Cretaceous organic-rich marls. Excursion route: Agadir, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Erfoud. Duration: 5 days in the field. Morocco offers a superb touristic infrastructure and is easy to reach.

Fieldtrip: Geology of Jordan

This course gives an introduction to the geology of Jordan. The Lower Palaeozoic of Jordan is an easy-to-reach analogue for the Arabian Peninsula and the Dead Sea Rift has exposed spectacular Cretaceous cliffs. The trip covers the Precambrian basement (Aqaba region), Cambrian sandstones (Wadi Ram, Petra), Ordovician glacial unit, Silurian "hot" shale, Cretaceous carbonates and marls. Duration: 3-4 days.

Fieldtrip: Geology of Germany

A roundtrip to the highlights of German geology. Including the basment in the Black Forest, Palaeozoic in the Thuringian Schiefergebirge, the Triassic in the Göttingen region, the Jurassic in the southern German Solnhofen area, the Creatceous and Tertiary in the Alps and Quaternary volcanoes in the western German Eifel region. Duration: 7-10 days. Runs in summer season.




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