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CT: Tarfaya

CT: Tarfaya

CT: Tarfaya

Ord.-Sil. contact


Precambrian stromatolites

Precambrian stromatolites

Silurian graptolites

Silurian graptolites

Silurian black shales

Pb/Zn miner-
(by Michel Jébrak)

Lower Turonian black marls Tarfaya Basin

Cenomanian-Turonian Agadir




Ougarta Fieldtrip (Palaeozoic)

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Diagenetic fault infill


Triassic tree trunk


Triassic dinosaur bones

Frasnian black

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Ordovician glaciation

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Maastr.-Ypres. unconformity

Frontal ramp, Abiod Fm.

 Fractured Ypresian

Cenomanian-Turonian in Tunisisa




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J. Akhdar Fieldtrip  (Cret.-Olig.)

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Ordov., Kufra

Seilacher, Kufra

Ordov., Kufra

WW2-airplane, SE Libya

Ord. Skolithos, SE-Libya

Ordov. sdst., J. Dalma,Kufra B.

Silur. Ripples, SE Libya

Sil. graptolite, SE Libya

Mars or Kufra Basin?

Ord.-Devon., J. Asba, Kufra B.

'Crater lakes' near Ghadames

Silic. wood, SE Libya

Silic. wood, SE Libya

Silic. wood, SE Libya

'Glacial' scratch marks, Ghat

Dr Massa

Arthrophycus, near Ghat

Arthrophycus, Cruziana

Tanezzuft, Akakus, Ghat

Daedalus, Ghat

Devonian, Ghat

Rock carvings, Ghat

Devonian stromatolites

The Experts

Silurian, Kufra

Ordovician glaciation

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>100 pics, Geology of southern Libya, Kufra & Murzuq

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Also have a look at these images on, incl. pictures from the Akakus Mountains.


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Cretaceous, Galala

Nubian, Sinai




To learn geology one must travel widely and observe carefully, for geology is learned through the soles of your shoes, not the seat of your pants! The earth is vast, its features varied. One must climb mountains, travel over limitless plains, watch the waves of the sea beat unendingly upon the shore, study the work of mountain torrents as they carry their load to the sea, and learn to read the character of the rock record to understand the Earth. Delve deeply into the rocks, for truth is hidden there. Take heed to observe carefully the seemingly insignificant things, as each and every phenomenon and event is an integral part of nature's process. Be untiring in your zeal to learn; and when you have accumulated facts, give careful thought to their interpretation. Let all your work be marked by ceaseless patience, tireless industry, vigilant caution, and prolonged study. Nature's deeds are not erratic. What occurs is ruled by laws. Whn one is trained to read the geologic record, the deeds of nature become clear, usually simple, and amenable to understanding and description. The Earth gives no higher or nobler task than to study nature, to unlock her secrets and interpret her deeds.

Walter L. Manger et al.

(From GSA Today, August 2000: p. 6)




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