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Academic geological studies in Libya


Commercial geological and petroleum studies

Books on the geology of Libya (see also literature page):

  • Overview compiled by 'Libya resources on the internet'.

Maps of Libya:

  • sell digital maps for use in illustrating reports, presentations, articles, newsletters and websites. At present two publications are available on CD or for download:
    1) a general maps, images and resource disk.
    2)a disk of petroleum maps, images, and informational resources which is primarily composed of USGS maps and reports.

Companies active in oil & gas exploration in Libya:

News and general information - Libya:


  • Landmine Monitor: provides a summary of landmine information for Libya.
  • !!! New landmines in Jebel Dohone (english/italian, german) (SE Libya).
  • Information in book by Göttler (1998, in German): Landmines Libya and NE Chad.
  • Further landmine information resources are listed in the landmine section on the safety page.




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