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North Africa Geology Links

Bibliographic Databases:

Geoscience journals covering routinely North African papers

Books and Reports on North African Geology

Reference lists on North Africa geology

Other useful links about North African geoscience literature

Academic Geoscience Studies North Africa:


Commercial Geoscience Studies North Africa:

  • Corex: evaluation of exploration opportunities in North Africa.

  • Petroleum geology studies of North Africa by Masera.

  • Gravity and magnetic data available for North Africa from GETECH.

  • Current status of completed and scheduled global seep studies by Infoterra Exploration Services Division (includes information on North African countries).

  • Ghadames Basin: a comprehensive, up-to-date study of the geology, hydrocarbon habitat and future exploration potential of the Ghadames Basin of western Libya, eastern Algeria and southern Tunisia. A report by ECL in conjunction with Adil Jawzi and Associates. Study outline and report contents available to download.


  • Geological Society of Africa.

  • Geology of the Middle East Oil Province: The 'equivalent' of the North Africa GeoNet for the Middle East, with valuable information and links.

  • Middle East Seismological Forum (MESF): a cyber forum set up to serve as an information conduit for scientific activities related to research, data acquisition and publications on the Middle Eastern seismicity and related Earth Science disciplines. The MESF intends to provide better integration between seismologists working in the region of the Middle East and other international seismological communities.

Research Links

Geoscience Maps for North Africa

  • Paleomap Project (C.R. Sotese): Maps about plate tectonics and climatic belts, including North Africa.

  • Geological Map of the World

  • Atlas of the Holocene landscape and vegetation history of northern and western Africa (University of Wuerzburg).

  • Maps showing geology, oil and gas fields and geological provinces of Africa (USGS Open-File Report 97-470A).

  • Online topographic maps North Africa (excellent!).

  • Free blank outline maps from the site.

  • ILH Worldwide Maps: Geoscience and other maps, including North Africa
  • East View Cartographic: a variety of maps and atlases of Africa available to buy (including geological maps of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt).

  • sell digital maps for use in illustrating reports, presentations, articles, newsletters and websites. At present two publications are available on CD or for download:
    1) a general maps, images and resource disk.
    2)a disk of petroleum maps, images, and informational resources which is primarily composed of USGS maps and reports.


Petroleum Industry News and Information

North African News:

  • Oil Voice (North Africa): Featuring continually updated oil company profiles, Oil Voice is a one-stop, worldwide at a glance overview of oil company international E&P activity. Information includes: (1) areas of international activity; (2) key company comparison data; (3) latest production and reserve figures; (4) overview of exploration / operational highlights; (5) financial news; (6) mergers and acquisitions; (7) continually updated upstream news - split into core regions for easy reference. North Africa is featured as one of the core oil and gas regions. For subscription costa and a free 10 day trial visit the website.

  • AFROIL: North Africa Oil & Gas Monitor. NewsBase Ltd announces AFROIL, a weekly market intelligence report on the Oil and Gas industries of Northern Africa and the Mediterranean Rim. AFROIL, which will distribute weekly by email from 8 September 2003, delivers timely, detailed and accurate analysis and intelligence on upstream and midstream news from bureaux in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Cyprus.

  • African hydrocarbon exploration news by Africa Intelligence (in French, title and first sentence are free of charge).

  • EEA: Energy Euro Africa. A comprehensive net based daily gathering and weekly analysis of all the pertinent news related to the oil and gas industry in North Africa, West Africa and the Mediterranean Basin. A key tool to keep current and monitor developments in one of the most dynamic and volatile energy provinces in the world.

  • MENA Report (Oil and Energy): a new Middle Eastern and North African Business Site that aims to help businesses identify opportunities and increase their trade in the Middle East and North Africa region. This page focuses on the petroleum industry.

  • TGS-NOPEC is a leading global provider of non-exclusive seismic data and associated products to the oil and gas industry. Find information on the TGS-NOPEC surveys and the latest news for a particular region (including North Africa).

  • IHS: technical studies in Saharan Africa.

General News:


North African Information:

  • MBendi: Information on oil & gas exploration and mining in Africa on a country-by-country basis. Also includes industry-specific news.

  • CMS newsletters (oil and gas opportunities in Libya).


  • Recent political status in Libya regarding foreign investment in it's oil industry.

  • P.E.D.R. Algeria Limited (Petroleum Exploration Data Recovery (Algeria) Limited is an Algerian company focusing on providing an appropriate link between old E&P data and today's new interpretation technology. The company remains firmly linked with the African market and provides a number of services, including seismic scanning and reproduction, navigation data integration, well log digitising, tape transcription, and repography.

  • Information and reports on countries in North Africa offered by First Exchange.

  • KCA Drilling Company.

General Information:

  • Platts global energy and metal industry information provider

  • Energy 365 (general industry information).


  • Swiftdale Geological Consultants. The Swiftlinks page provides a comprehensive, usable listing of Petroleum Resources & Oil Industry Links.

  • Oil on line.

  • Desco International: an oilfield equipment repairs/supply workshop based in United Arab Emirates servicing the oil & gas sector and drilling contractors in the region and neighboring countries.

  • Site2oil: informative site for the worldwide oil and gas industry (including North Africa), providing news, global directory, events, latest technology, oil price (brent,wti), industrial organisations, authorities, industy links etc.


North Africa, General Information and Links

Background information:



  • An excellent Sahara-travel website (in German). Includes History of travelling in the Sahara, picture galleries, Link collection.

  • World Travel Guide (country-specific background and travel information).

  • North Africa Expedition Service Klaus Daerr. Useful news and general information for fieldtrips into the remoter parts of North Africa (in German). In case you require expert advise with logistics or planning of your geological fieldtrip to remote parts of the Sahara, contact Klaus Daerr' company which has extensive experience in such trips

  • Sahara travel information by and Atlas Travel World (in German), both sites highly recommended!

  • Expedition Logistics by 'Expeditors'. Need expert help in preparing your next Sahara fieldtrip? Contact the Expeditors

  • Sahara Travel Forum. Bulletin board with some useful information on travelling within North Africa.



  •, North Africa.

  • Africa Policy Information Center: North Africa news sources and country-specific links.

  • Links to newspapers from North Africa: Kidon.

  • Country-related news links.

  • AME Info: Middle East business information covering 14 Middle East countries with business and financial news, directory service, events, specialty columns and more in English and Arabic.




General Geology Links:





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