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Academic Geological Research

Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Office National de Recherche et d'Exploitations Pétrolières (previously ONAREP, state oil company; now part of ONHYM). MBendi file on ONHYM/ONAREP.
  • Report about Moroccan energy resources (by the US Department of Energy)
  • Jurassic of Nova Scotia and NW Africa (by Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board)
  • Oil and gas activities, incl. petroleum news (MBendi): Introduction, Exploration.
  • Oil & Gas Exploration data / reports offered by First Exchange.
  • Seismic Survey offshore Morocco (Safi to Rabat area) by TGS-NOPEC (map).
  • Manfred Hauptmann International Geological Consulting: Moroccan petroleum systems, facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, palaeogeography.
  • Vanco Energy Company, Safi Haute Mer & Ras Tafelney Offshore.
  • Energy Africa.
  • Repsol.
  • The hydrocarbon habitat of the Agadir basin offshore Morocco (D.M. Truempy and S.C. Reeve, Shell International E & P Deepwater Services, Houston, TX).
  • Maghreb Petroleum Exploration S.A. (MPE): a Moroccan company carrying out petroleum exploration and production activities on- and offshore Morocco.
  • Deep-water Scotian slope assessment: a press release from the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. Not Morocco, but as the Nova Scotia margin is the conjugate to Morocco, and the subject is deep-water exploration, this may be of interest to some people. A summary of this document is available in pdf format, or the full article can be downloaded from the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board website.

Other commercial geology sites

  • Minerals and fossils from Morocco for sale.
  • Mining in Morocco (MBendi).
  • OCP Group (Groupe Office Cherifien des Phosphates), Morocco: phosphate deposits and processing sites in Morocco.

Satellite images and Maps

General news and links about Morocco


  • Landmine Monitor: provides a summary of landmine information for Morocco.
  • Further landmine information resources are listed in the landmine section on the safety page.







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