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Active Academic Projects

While my consulting work is usually covered by confidentiality, I am also working on academic projects with the aim to publish the results. Projects are funded by the oil industry, either on an individual or consortium basis. If required, results may be kept confidential up to three years.
Currently I am involved in one academic project (Kufra Basin, see below). Several other projects, however, have been prepared in the past few years and are now ready to go if sponsors are found (see project outlines on separate page ).

Active: Source rock and resrvoir study of the Kufra Basin

The project looks at the Silurian source rock potential using outcrop-based gamma-ray spectrometry and shallow Winkie drilling. The project is carried out in close co-operation with Dr. Daniel Le Heron (CASP) and Dr. Bindra Thusu (UCL, London). more...




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