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Training Videos / E-Lectures

Progress in technology has now made it possible to produce professional geological training videos and "electronic lectures" on a very small budget. Geology is very much a visual science and requires integration of visual observations, whether from seismic, outcrop or core. Geological processes are interpreted based on fossil rock but would often trigger additional inspiration if visualized in 3D or compared to modern analogues.

In our training videos we aim to integrate (1) the geological theoretical background information, (2) outcrop video clips, (3) integrated subsurface data such as seismic, well logs or core, (4) 2D and 3D animations of geological processes, (5) satellite imagery, (6) modern facies analogues, and (7) expert interviews. The training videos give, a compehensive, yet, entertaining overview of the (petroleum) geology of a region and can be used by professional geologists and students as a rapid introduction. Learning is flexible and independent of the availability of a teacher. The videos may also be used by local University lecturerers in the respective regions as teaching material.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a particular geological subject that you want to be converted into a multimedia training video to be used by your staff or students. Capture the expertise of your key specialists in interviews and have them integrated with illustrations as standalone training material.

Petroleum Geology of Southern Libya

The geological history and petroleum geology of the southern Libyan Murzuq and Kufra basins is summarized in a video series kindly sponsored by Amerada Hess, ConocoPhilips, Eni North Africa, North Hydro and Statoil. The project has entered now its main production phase and the first 30 minutes will be presented on the PESGB Africa Conference in London in mid September 2006. more...

Geology of Morocco

The geology of Morocco will be summarized in a new video, with particular focus on the petroleum geology. We are currently waiting for a decision of the key sponsor to go ahead with this project. A tourist version of the Geology of Morocco is already available on DVD (58 min). more...

Hunting Hot Shales in Wadi Tanezzuft - Characteristics and Origin of the Silurian Source Rock in the Libyan Sahara

The Silurian "hot shale" is the most important Palaeozoic hydrocarbon source rock in North Africa and Arabia. The film gives an easily digestible, comprehensive overview of the characteristics and origin of this prominent black shale unit. The current knowledge of the subject is presented in animated graphics, combined with outcrop video footage from the western margin of the SW Libyan Murzuq Basin. Controlling mechanisms such as sea-level, palaeorelief and climate are discussed. A predictive depositional model is proposed that distinguishes a lower from an upper hot shale. Also featured in the film is a new field technique based on spectral gamma-ray measurements that for the first time allows mapping of the Silurian hot shale in Saharan outcrops. Commonly, weathering destroys the organic matter and characteristic black colour of this unit on the desert surface making it complicated to identify by traditional techniques. more...



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